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Akane gives Okazaki shit for bringing a dirty magazine with him to school. On her way home, she can't help but remember and get angry at how Okazaki showed her a page of the dirty magazine... She got her revenge by beating him, but she's still unsatisfied. As if someone was laughing at her, a dirty magazine appears before her feet. She can't help but get drawn to it and take a look. Doing so, something inside her changes and she does something unexpected...


Genre(s): Censored, Nudity, Sex, Pornography, Doggy Style, Internal Shots, Mammary Intercourse, Masturbation, Oral, Fellatio, Public Sex, Outdoor Sex, Urination, Breasts, Large Breasts, Female Student, Loli, Manga. Shishunki Sex Episode 2

Shishunki Sex Episode 2


Added: Sep 5th, 2019

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Shishunki Sex Episode 1


Added: Jun 6th, 2019

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